Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Divorce Proceeds: Lead Separate Lives and Sell Off Property

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Yet the critics were merciless and, of greater concern, audiences yawned. After Earth certainly has its defects; EW film critic Owen Gleiberman likened the plot to a plate of sci-fi leftovers. The real star of the film is Jaden Smith, Wills 14-year-old son who plays a military cadet tasked with finding the rescue beacon that will save his injured father after their spacecraft crash lands on a toxic planet Earth that was abandoned by humanity and now is home to all sorts of predatory creatures. Smith the elder is a heroic warrior-general, but hes stoic and severe rather than charismatic. Once hes injured with broken legs, hes left helpless at the ships controls while his son battles danger. Audiences expecting to see Will Smith kick some alien ass had to settle for him literally guiding his son through the motions an unfortunate metaphor for the Smiths professional relationship that critics have been only too happy to poke . But this was still a $130 million bet on Will Smith, who came up with the idea for the potential franchise-starter, recruited a director with a number of recent misfires in M. Night Shyamalan, and anointed his son as the films leading man. What remains to be seen is whether After Earth is a mere speed bump like Smiths own Wild Wild West or is it something with a lasting stench, like John Travoltas Scientology vanity project, Battlefield Earth . That After Earth arrives soon after Smith acknowledged turning down the title role in Quentin Tarantinos Django Unchained doesnt make a strong case for Smiths choices of late, but his reliance on patterns of past performance to guide his career might be slightly overstated by the media. His resume demonstrates he has an appreciation for four-quadrant data, but they arent his only criteria. After all, this is the same actor who made Ali and The Pursuit of Happyness remarkable by the sheer magnitude of his personality and ability. And although he supposedly has new installments in the works for some of his most popular franchises, including another Men in Black , hes also slated to anchor Focus, a con artist movie from the directors of Crazy Stupid Love, and is attached to star in the Hurricane Katrina drama, American Can, for Edward Zwick. Neither will likely require sequels or battling aliens. But its also possible that Smiths winning formula needs to be adjusted.At 44, Smith doesnt yet need to retreat from the action-oriented films that made him famous, but he might want to seek out more auteuristic directors who appreciate his fame and know how it can be manipulated in new and different ways. Seventeen years after Independence Day, Smith still lacks a real actor/director partnership like Johnny Depp has with Tim Burton and Leonardo DiCaprio has with Martin Scorsese and the only directors hes worked with more than once are Men in Blacks Barry Sonnenfeld, Bad Boyss Michael Bay, and Gabriele Muccino, who helmed Happyness and Seven Pounds.

Only one quarterback has a lower passer rating than Smiths 55.2. Only three signal callers have a lower completion rate than Smiths 53.4%. Mornhinweg believes more good things will start happening for Smith with more game experience. The rookie, not surprisingly, is his harshest critic, admittedly pissed and disappointed after he makes a mistake. RELATED: END ZONE: THURMAN IS REX’S PARTNER IN CRIME ON DEFENSE But once I get off the field and see what happened, I put it behind me, said Smith, who has five turnovers in the first two games. I just move on from it. Store it in my memory bank and try not to let it happen again. At times, I, myself, tend to forget that Im a rookie, Smith added. I try to put so much pressure on myself. At times, its unwarranted. Its part of being a rookie. Smith didnt earn the starting job coming out of preseason, but the Jets should have a fostered a better environment for him once it became apparent that Sanchez would miss extended time. The notion that Smith would somehow be coddled if Ryan & Co. named him the starter for the foreseeable future is flawed and laughable. The Jets drafted Smith supposedly because they didnt buy into the pre-draft criticisms about his character and work ethic. Four years ago, the organization went overboard with Sanchez, who was unofficially anointed King of the Universe.

Both Jaden and Willow Smith have popped up online posting things that seem to indicate that fame, money and every luxury imaginable doesnt equal a happy childhood. According to the Sept. 30th print edition of National Enquirer the couple realized back in 2011 that their marriage may not last a lifetime and so as they began to spend more time apart they also started selling off their real estate. Unhappy couples dont need several properties to have to divide up later, especially when cold, hard cash is so much easier. Will has been plagued by gay rumors and Jada has been linked to other men in recent years. Then there was the whole rumor of them having an open marriage that Jada half shot down while at the same time seeming to indicate that Will hooks up with others . It seems to be a bit of a mess and that they are now just two parents who have learned to navigate around each other for a greater good of keeping the family together on paper. How much longer do you think that the marriage will last? We seem to be going through a phase of long time celeb couples splitting up. Do you think Will and Jada will be added to the list? If at this point they are simply staying together for the sake of the kids it really doesnt seem to be helping them much. Theyd probably all be happier apart, don;t you think? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below! Photo Credit: Instagram and FameFlynet RELATED POSTS More HOT Laundry! Prince William Quits Military To Find His Moms Killers Princess Dianas Assassins Will Be Caught The Vampire Diaries Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev Are at War Ryan Murphy Drops Major Glee Spoilers Read Them Here!

Will Smith’s ‘After Earth’ Apocalypse: Who Loses Most

That puts a lot of pressure on the rest of Sony’s summer, including Roland Emmerich’s White House Down, Grown Ups 2, the comedy This Is the End, Smurfs 2 and Matt Damon’s Elysium. So who suffers most from the fallout? Competitors and talent representatives concur that faltering director M. Night Shyamalan will take the biggest hit, but Smith — who conceived the project, produced it with wife Jada Pinkett Smith and cast son Jaden Smith as its co-star — has the most to lose. Insiders agree that Smith’s bulletproof image could be dinged by several factors: PHOTOS:Hollywood Dynasties: Top 14 Movies Featuring Stars and Their Kids Lack of Focus:A source who has worked with the CAA-repped Smith — arguably the world’s most bankable star — says he has been less attuned to his movie career recently. Nearly four years passed between Seven Pounds and last summer’s Men in Black 3. “One thing you’ve got to do as an actor is portfolio management,” says this person. “Will went through a place where he didn’t do a lot of movies, and none has been great.” The bottom line: “He could still be highly successful, but it was automatic before. Now audiences will look more carefully.” Off-Message Media: Smith, 44, and his 14-year-old son gave a joint interview to New York magazine that one prominent producer describes as “a jaw-dropper.” Will Smith described himself as “a student of patterns,” adding, “At heart, I’m a physicist.” Even as the elder Smith described how visitors to his household would be surprised to find that it is “simple and basic,” Jaden declared: “I like Cartier,” noting “before that, it was Louis” (as in, Vuitton). And that type of coverage leads to Less Fresh Prince and More Royal Prince: This began with buzz about Smith’s behavior (and his gigantic trailer) during the making of MiB3. Says a prominent film exec who has worked with Smith: “That aw-shucks, incredibly charming, self-effacing spirit doesn’t seem to play anymore.