How you can help

UQ is attempting to do many things in the interests of strengthening the relationships/understanding within our investigative community, and in the organization of public events. We could use your help !

There is a great need for assistance in keeping up with correspondence, helping investigators with feedback on their work, promotion, and so on. Volunteer by sending us by contacting us on the email and/or phone numbers provided.

Take it upon yourselves to organize meetings in your own local communities. Ask yourself this question – if not you, then who else will do this ? For this, we provide a basic how-to “manual” for getting started, including a list of sources to draw on, some of our own videos at low cost, and various tips. Check out our activism page and contact us for more information.

Add a banner to your site linking to us. Heres how.

Donate money ! We need money to help cover the significant cost of holding events such as the one at the National Press Club, operating expenses for this website, the cost of producing our new video, and many other projects in progress or to come. Please visit our donations page.

Participate in posting and using the questions.

Use these questions to ask for answers from the reporters and editors you watch or read.

Use these questions to ask for answers from your Congressman and Senators and party officials during this years US campaign.

Circulate the information to the members of your network who would be interested in participating.

If you are a member of the press or an investigator and researcher supporting members of the press and would like to come to our next event call or e-mail Kyle for an invitation.

If you have technical or design skills – we need your help with our site, with new design/video work and with audio/video feeds for future events. Contact us by subscribing to the unanswered-tech list and introducing yourself, or by emailing Miles directly.

If you have any other suggestions that can save us time or enhance our resourses, call or ring us on the numbers provided.

Lift us up in your prayers, meditations or thoughts.

We appreciate any help you can give !