Exciting news for the new year !

A solid initiative is under way towards the formal establishment of an independent citizens’ 9/11 Truth Commission. Read all about it here – hot off the digital presses ! Many different organisations in the wider 9/11 Truth ‘community’ are uniting behind this effort, so it’s really pretty exciting.

Last summer UQ co-founder Kyle F. Hence made a public call for a Citizens’ Investigative Commission. Kyle is now a member of an Ad-hoc Organizing Committee, and UQ is playing a role in the as yet loose-knit 9/11 Truth Alliance. The alliance is working to formerly establish a Citizens’ Truth Commission on 9/11.

An open invitation letter drafted by the Ad-Hoc Organizing Committee to enlist the endorsements has been sent to active members of the 9/11 investigative community. In order to further broaden support , organizers are also reaching out to activist groups and leaders within other vital and growing movements (peace, anti-globalization, civil liberties, etc.) and presenting this initiative as a touchstone ‘issue’ and a “trim-tab factor”.

The response has been phenomenal! Endorsements received so far indicate broad support from a variety of groups and individuals.

Further GOOD NEWS! Sundance Award-winning producers GNN have released Aftermath: Unanswered Questions from 9/11.
Ordering details will be posted here soon. If you would like to be added to a mailing list and informed as soon as those details are posted please send us an email with AFTERMATH in the subject line.

In the coming weeks, UQ will be participating in activist and planning meetings to advance the 9/11 Truth Commission as well as planning premieres of Aftermath around the country. If you would like assist in any way please be in touch. If you would like to support UQ in advancing the Truth Commission initiative please donate through PayPal.

For a quick overview of key unanswered questions please see our Top 11 Talking points. For a more comprehensive look at 9/11 issues please review Paul Thompson’s comprehensive timeline (also mirrored here), or review our selected list of resources.
As always, if you want to stay informed as new information, develops we recommend that you sign up for the UQ Wire.

Thank you for your continued interest.
And finally, we extend our best of wishes to all the people heading for Washington this weekend. We hope that this recent good news will be encouraging to all of the folks at the peace march this weekend – maybe we will see you there !
UnansweredQuestions.org (UQ) is an online meeting place for researchers, investigative journalists and concerned citizens to pose thoughtful and engaging questions about today’s most pressing issues.

We launched UQ at a conference at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. on June 10, 2002. This was an unprecedented presentation and press conference featuring some of the leading 9/11 investigative journalists, law firms representing families of victims of September 11th and the family members themselves.

( Audio, video and written transcripts of the press conference are available. )

It is our hope and intention to see the most important of these questions answered and communicated to as wide an audience as is possible; and to offer some guidance in that process. In this fashion UQ will serve as a knowledge and information source.

Our implementation strategy is to pursue the following tracks concurrently:

1) Deep Research /Analysis and Database Management: accessing alternative support networks while documenting mainstream press reports and government documents
2) Grass-roots Activism and Fulcrum point Lobbying
3) Multi-media Communications, Education and Public Relations
4) Citizens’ Investigative Commission on 9-11: UQ has formerly launched this initiative and is facilitating the coordination of this international effort. Please contact Kyle F. Hence to get involved.

We ‘represent’ growing numbers from around the world who are skeptical of the official story offered and who insist on bringing the truth to light while defending the cause of Freedom.

While 9/11 remains our primary and immediate focus, we intend to explore other areas of concern vital to securing a hopeful and peaceful future here in the US and around the world.