Dom Hemingway: Law plays the titular character in the Fox Searchlight film due out in November

The British star kicked-off proceedings at the garden of the Peace Palace in The Hague, Netherlands, sporting a thinning head of hair that features a small tuft at the front. The events star-studded line-up included Natasha Bedingfield, DJ Paul van Dyk and Brazilian performer Carlinhos Brown. SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO To baldly go: Jude Law speaks at the annual Peace One Day concert at the Peace Palace Hair isnt the only thing that Jude Law is losing he revealed at the Toronto international Film Festival recently that he has managed to lose the 30Ibs that he put on for his starring role in upcoming movie Dom Hemingway. New husband, new hairdo! Millie Mackintosh cuts a fringe as she returns from honeymoon with husband Professor Green The Hollywood heartthrob, 40, put on the weight to play seedy safe-cracker Dom Hemingway by eating two tubs of ice cream and drinking 12 cans of fizzy drinks per day. Law admitted that when he first read the script he was shocked by how terrible his character was, but ultimately decided: ‘It’s fun being foul sometimes.’ Lock who’s talking: The Hollywood heartthrob sports a small tuft of hair at the front of his head The actor also explained how he had to exorcise Hemingway from his life by burying all his props in a makeshift grave on the Isle of Man where they had been shooting. ‘I had to get him out of my system so I shaved everything off, and got rid of all the other stuff I used for it, all the fizzy drinks and the cigarettes and we put them in a box and buried it with a little cross,’ Law said. ‘So anyone who really loves the film can go and look for the cross that says Dom Hemingway on it. It’s in a field somewhere.’ Peace of the action: Jude Law is an ambassador for the annual awareness event On song: Natasha Bedingfield was part of the star-studded line-up at The Hague Law also discovered that a tub of ice cream and a 12 pack of soda was the most efficient way to put on weight. ‘I was worried after a while that it wasn’t getting where I wanted it to get – I inspected myself every night,’ the Closer star revealed. ‘It was a lot of everything, but two key ingredients – ice cream, two or three tubs a day, and a lot of fizzy drinks, 12 cans a day.’ Richard E Grant, who also stars in the film, claimed Law’s weight-gain did not dissuade any adoring fans. ‘I feel sorry for Jude because even after gaining 30 pounds he still looks like a walking love god,’ Grant explained. Safe cracker: Law gained 30 pounds for the role as a thief by eating ice cream and drinking a 12 pack of soda per day Dom Hemingway: Law plays the titular character in the Fox Searchlight film due out in November


Concertgoers have rushed the stage at Miley Cyrus , Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift shows. Justin Bieber was attacked by a fan during a Dubai performance, resulting in an upturned piano. Even One Direction’s Harry Styles suffered a blow to the groin after a concertgoer threw a shoe at him in February. “They want to get as close as possible,” says Gary Bongiovanni, editor of Pollstar, which covers the concert industry. “It’s just a fan being overly exuberant that could in fact hurt the performer or anyone else around them if they don’t act rationally. But it’s not based on hate or a desire to do the performer harm.” Although most excited devotees don’t present a serious threat, some encounters have ended tragically. One crazed fan charged the stage at a Columbus, Ohio, concert for heavy-metal band Damageplan in 2004, fatally shooting guitarist “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott and three others. Other incidents have resulted in brutal injuries, such as a fan who was beaten up after climbing onstage at a Snoop Dogg show in 2005 and another who suffered a concussion when Akon threw a prankster onto her at a 2007 show. The key is to “let audiences know what their limitations are,” as Beyonce did by tossing her bottom-slapper out of the Denmark concert, says Paul Wertheimer, founder of Crowd Management Strategies, a safety consulting service specializing in concerts and festivals. Beyonce allowed the fan who grabbed her to stay for the remainder of the show (even shaking his hand and telling him, “It’s all right … Thank you, I love you, too”), but Wertheimer believes it could have sent the wrong signal, potentially emboldening other fans to try similar stunts.